Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle Options

Are you ready to GET OUT OF DODGE if you have to or want to? What are you going to take? Can you be ready in 5 minutes or less? Will your vehicle get you over obstacles?

For many in 2017, not limited to the fires in the Republik of California, these were not theoretical questions. They were realities, which awaken them in the middle of the night. With the limitation on time and space, they rushed the most precious cargo to safety without the thought of property.

It’s better to plan and prepare years too early than minutes too late.

People and roads during these situations are chaotic. It’s not a highway out of town, it’s a battlefield. A fancy car, large RV, or low riding camper will not give you the peace of mind you need to get out and get to safety. I know, because I’ve been deployed to many disasters the past 10 years. I’ve seen first hand how a disaster turns into a catastrophe for people, families and communities because they haven’t planned or properly prepared for the day. Their thinking is always the same and what I hear most, it’s called the optimism bias;

“Disasters happen to someone else, somewhere else”

On a lighter note, we have for your enjoyment a few ideas of apocalypse vehicles to get your mind set on proper planing.


No need to outfit your commuter with all the fancy fixings to give yourself away, have stolen and drop your gas mileage to zero. Outfitting any vehicle doesn’t make sense for most people. What does make sense is a trailer. Have you gear staged and ready to go, whether it’s a disaster, back country adventure or weekend trip. Let us custom-build an adventure, expedition, off-road, outdoor, apocalypse, bug-out, get out of dodge trailer that fits your needs and budget. Play around with our custom trailer configurator or contact us for details.