Transporting the M1101/M1102 Trailers

Expedition Supply hauls a lot of Military M1101/M1102 trailers across this great nation of ours. We know a thing or two about transporting these military light tactical trailers. We buy from various sources and when we turn them into adventure, off-road and expedition masterpieces we sell to numerous people and organizations across the world. Many have asked, how do you transport them?

It really depends. When we buy the Military Light Tactical Trailers (LTT) M1101 or M1102 in bulk we can haul five of them at a time on a flat-bed tractor trailer.

No matter what method you use for loading be sure to manually set the M1101/M1102 parking brakes on the trailer once it’s in place. You know your trailer better than the driver.

Typically, you have to get the trailers on the truck yourself, but the driver will do the work to properly secure your load for safe traveling. On the receiving end, it’s the same story. Be ready with the ability to unload with a forklift or ramp. If you don’t have the capability on either end, let the trucking company know and for an addition fee they can provide the loading. Here are a few more methods:

Pricing – what to expect

There are a lot of variable in regards to pricing; how many are you hauling, what type of location (commercial or residential), how far are you going, is it a major city with frequent shipping lanes or a rural area with little traffic, does the shipper and receiver have the ability to load and unload them?

If you’re transporting the M1101/M1102 in the same state and region of the country, you can expect $1200 to $2400 for a complete flatbed rental that can hold 5 trailers. If you’re hauling cross-country you’re looking at minimum $1500 for a single trailer, expect to pay more. You can bid out your transportation on sites such as UShip, FreightJunction or call on local shippers to get estimates.

All of a sudden that $1500-3000 trailer that looked so appealing on GovPlanet is now $4000 or more when you include shipping to your door.

Not only does Expedition Supply produce the best off-road, adventure, and expedition trailers on the M1101/M1102 military platform, but we’re the most affordable.  When you begin to add the cost to purchase, produce and ship a solid military trailer you’ll to see how cost-effective our M11 creations are. Expedition doesn’t have to be expensive.

We recommend reading about our experience with VeriTreat shipping available directly through GovPlanet.