Wanted to drop you a quick note to mention that we are very much enjoying the trailer. Pretty much everyone we know wants a tour. It really came out nice. A lot admiration on the workmanship so please relay my thanks to all who put in effort on the project.

Jim Ferguson

My tradesman shell was put on my new 1996 Chevrolet truck. Since then it has seen 100,000 miles of freeway, 5,000 miles of bumpy gravel roads, and taken wind gust over 70 mph. It has served as dog hauler, duck shack, camper and workshop. One of the best and workshop. One of the best and most useful investments of my life.

Burton Baker

We are very happy with the Access Manufacturing shell we had custom made for our small pickup truck. It allows us to “car camp” just about anywhere and is most comfortable for sleeping. We get both good gas milage and enough living space to make road trips quite enjoyable. And, maybe best of all, the side access storage area is perfect for kitchen and food supplies.

Don and Edie Butler

My husband who is a journeyman carpenter bought a Tradesman heavy duty aluminum shell for his work truck about 7 years ago. It leaked during the rainy season, the rack on top of the shell made so much noise he had to use straps to keep it quiet and the bolts/washers they used rusted. He took it back last week to talk to the new owner, and the new owner said even though it was 7 years ago, he will stand by the company. My husband took it in today and the new owner made it all good while he waited! They fixed the leak, replaced all the bolts and washers and the best part…no more noise from the rack because they all put their heads together, including my husband, and figured out how to make it more aerodynamic, so now there is no noise whatsoever.┬áThank you to the new owner for making right what the old owner didn’t. I would recommend anyone to go there now, especially if they want to put a new rack on top for their work trucks or fix the one that they already have! And there aren’t any better shells than the Tradesman so go to Access Manufacturing. in Winters and you will be pleased you did!


I love my Tradesman shell and Access Mfg. The whole process was ideal, from first email inquiry to installation and the pleasure of ownership of a unit tailored to my needs. This is a very solid shell, yet lightweight. No wood and staples. Welded aluminum framing and skin. Built to last. The many options available gave me convenience and security. Dan Christy patiently and thoroughly helped me design my unit and the workmen took great pride in their craft. These people have integrity. The job was completed a bit ahead of schedule too. Communication was clear and helpful. I am so delighted I found these people, didn’t think this kind of quality existed anymore!


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