S-788 Military Shelter on the M1101/2

The Gichner Systems Group’s S-788 Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter (LMS) is a highly transportable enclosure designed specifically for use with HMMWVs and other light tactical vehicles, but is it the right fit for the Military Light Tactical Trailers LTT M1101 M1102?

The S-788 shelter is very versatile and was selected by the U.S. Army as its primary electronics platform for wheeled tactical vehicles. It has since been used in a wide range of C4ISR applications. “The S-788 LMS is available in six different standard configurations, providing multiple door arrangements and tunnel options. Beyond the standard offerings, Gichner engineers, manufactures, and integrates custom LMS shelters to meet specific mission requirements.” These are great units designed to fit onto the back of Hummer, Humvee hmmwv, hummer, hummvee, H1, or AM General. They are lightweight, roughly 600 lbs, all aluminum and most of them are EMI shielded. To learn more visit the manufacturers website.

LMS Standard Features

  • Designed to be mounted on light tactical vehicles for high mobility applications
  • Lightweight construction consisting of two aluminum faced, honeycomb core panels
  • Available life cycle support including refurbishment, reset, and repair of damaged LMS shelters
  • Designed in accordance with MIL-S-44408, and meets ASTM E2377 (Type I and III)
  • Meets stringent transportability requirements including C-130 drive on / off capability
  • Available custom configuration and system integration

Fitting the S-788 to the M1101/2 Trailer

Gichner makes a shortened version of the S-788 which does not overhang the rear of the HMMWV. This is nice because it doesn’t require the tailgate to be removed or always in the down position. Even the shorter version doesn’t make it a clean install in both function and form and would require a lot of customization to make it fit onto the LTT M1101/M1102 platform. We haven’t placed an S-788 onto a M1101 or M1102 trailer because we ran the dimensions and it wasn’t worth the work. On the other hand, the LMS would go well on a light tactical trailer without walls, a flatbed. You can expect to pay $2000-4000 for a used LMS unit, plus shipping, not including the trailer.

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