Military CARC paint colors and options

There is a long history when it comes to military paint chemicals and colors. The Federal and Military standard is CARC, which stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, better known as the camouflage paint used on United States Army and Marine Corps tactical vehicles, equipment, trailers,¬†aircraft, or helicopters. Here’s what you need to know and the options to choose when custom building your own military camper.

CARC camouflage provides more than visual camouflage and is a critical element in efforts to increase troop survivability on the battlefield. The rights to the patented CARC material are owned by the U.S. government and certain manufacturers are licensed to produce it for military use. CARC is also regulated under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR).

CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) is a two-component polyurethane paint (defined in MIL-C-46168) used as a finishing coat on military combat equipment since 1985. CARC is designed to be easily decontaminated after exposure to liquid chemical agents, and the coating also is resistant to water, weather, hydrocarbons and acids. It has an infrared signature that makes coated equipment harder to detect. Component A is a polyester resin and Component B is an aliphatic isocyanate curing agent.

Federal and local regulations resulting from the Clean Air Act and its 1990 amendments restrict the amount of VOCs emitted during the application of surface coatings. As a response, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory Coatings Research Team developed a formulation with a lower VOC content, creating Water-Dispersible CARC (WD CARC). In addition to improved safety and emissions characteristics, WD CARC has an improved heat signature and enhanced weather resistance, flexibility, and mar resistance.

Expedition Supply does not sell or offer CARC paint on our vehicles, read here why. We do sell CARC Color replacement paint that is a perfect replica of the military colors dating back to WWII. It’s a very durableWe sell them in both a touch-up can or 1 gallons pail. For a complete list of CARC color options download the PDF.

CARC Color options and codes

34094 Green CARC Substitute
383 Brown CARC Substitute
686 Tan CARC Substitute
911 Flat Black
931 Semi-gloss Black
955 Raven Black
23070 WW II Semi-gloss OD
33070 Early WW II Flat OD
319 Late WW II Flat OD
24087 Semi-gloss OD
34087 Khaki Flat OD (lusterless)
34086 Current Issue Flat OD (lusterless)
24052 Semi-gloss Marine Corp
34052 Flat Marine Corp
34079 Camo Forest Green
30118 Camo Field Drab
30277 Camo Sand
16081 Gloss Navy Gray
36173 Flat Navy Gray
25045 Strata Blue
24533 Sea Foam
17925 Gloss White
30257 Earth Yellow
11136 Gloss Red
967 Earth Red
977 Sand
990 Woodland Green
24052 USMC Forest Green Semi-gloss

Federal Standard Colors

The Federal Standard color system, officially named Federal Standard 595C – Colors Used in Government Procurement, is a United States Federal Standard, issued by the General Services Administration (GSA). It is last revised in 2008. The standard is also widely referred to as FED-STD-595, FS-595, or similar names with the version letter appended. The standard is built upon a set of color shades where a unique reference number is assigned to each color. Each color in the Federal Standard 595C range is identified by a five-digit code. The colors in the standard have no official names.” Learn more at¬†

CARC Safety

Download PDF version

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