M1101/M1102 Cargo Trailer Documentation

Download the official technical manual for the M1101 and M1102 Light Tactical Trailers, and the related LTT Chassis – TM 9-2330-392-14. Designed for operators, units, direct support, maintenance, and now the general public who are enjoying and modifying the toughest trailers on the planet.This HMMWV Trailer documentation is for the 2-WHEEL M1101 (2330-01-387-5443) EIC: CBC TRAILER, CARGO: HEAVY, and 2-WHEEL M1102 (2330-01-387-5426) EIC: CBB CHASSIS, TRAILER: 2-WHEEL (2330-01-387-5424).

Other documents for the M1101 and M1102 Cargo Trailer include:

  • MWO 9-2330-392-20-1 17 Aug 2001 modification is to provide a procedure for the installation of an upgrade for the original equipment surge brake actuator. It is replaced by an improved cast surge brake actuator with modified components.
  • MWO 9-2330-392-20-2 18 Mar 2003 modification is to provide a procedure for replacing the rivets used to secure the landing leg mounting bracket. Bolts and nuts will replace the rivets.
  • MWO 9-2330-392-35-1, Steel Draw Bar

The first two MWOs are only needed for trailers built under contract number DAAE07-94-CR014, the original 1994 contract.

Download the official M1101 and M1102 cargo trailer technical documentation manual here.