M1101/M1102 Trailer Soft Top Kit

The M1101 or M1102 Cargo Trailer can be fitted with a Soft Top Kit to provide protection from weather or to conceal the trailer contents. If yours didn’t come with the soft top, simply brackets and four top bows can be easily installed on the trailer body using existing holes. The soft top is positioned over the bows and secured to the trailer with attached straps and hooks.┬á

The nomenclature and NSNs are:

  • Cover, Fitted, Vehicular, Desert Tan 686: NSN 2540-01-493-7897 or 2540-01-484-2632
  • Cover, Fitted, Vehicular, SCAPP: NSN 2540-01-498-8201 or 2540-01-413-6985

The benefits of a soft top versus a hard top (such as the Helmet Hard Top HTT) are many. Price is the main driver. Surplus stores sell brand new and complete kit for around $1100. If you search Ebay you can find a complete kit for $600 or less in different conditions. If you’re simply missing part, we recommend Ebay again as people remove them from their trailers. It’s cheaper to buy M1101/M1102 parts sitting around from others than retail from suppliers. Sorry, but we can’t provide any specific recommendation on who or where to buy.

Other benefit of a M1101 or M1102 Cargo Trailer soft top is weight. Less than 130 pounds for a complete top. It will conceal your goodies and keep the elements off. At the same time, a soft top makes it easy for anyone to cut into the fabric, see and steal at will.

We can’t verify, but it’s been rumored that the HMMWV M998 Troop Cargo cover will also fit seamlessly on the M1101 and M1102. We’ll confirm later.

M1101 / M1102 Green Vinly Soft Cargo Cover and Bow Kit Includes:

  • NSN: 2540-01-498-8201 PN: 12470989-1 Des: Vinyl Cargo Cover Qty: 1
  • NSN: 2540-01-199-6761 PN: 12340764-1 Des: Rear Bow Qty: 2
  • NSN: 2540-01-199-6960 PN: 12340747 Des: Middle Bow Qty: 2
  • NSN: 5340-01-487-0636 PN: 12449605-1 Des: Double Angle Corner Bracket Qty: 4
  • NSN: 5340-01-485-6884 PN: 12449606-1 Des: Double Angle Middle Bracket Qty: 4
  • NSN: 2510-01-522-2109 PN: 12470990-1 Des: Front Roof Support Qty: 1
  • NSN: 2510-01-522-2107 PN: 12470991-1 Des: Middle Roof Support Qty: 1
  • NSN: NA PN: 12470992-2 Des: Rear Roof Support Qty: 1
  • NSN: NA PN: B18210B403BC088N Des: Screw Qty: 32
  • NSN: 5310-01-385-7083 PN: MS51412-27 Des: Washer Qty: 32
  • NSN: 5310-01-218-7137 PN: MS51415-7 Des: Lock Washer Qty: 32
  • NSN: 5305-01-109-0587 PN: MS24630-66 Des: Screw Qty: 8
  • NSN: 5310-01-234-9416 PN: MS51412-2 Des: Washer Qty: 8