Is your trailer tough enough to take you there?

Where is your next adventure? Can your trailer travel off the beaten path to places unknown, unseen and around the world? Can it go everywhere your vehicle can go? The best things in life tend to be the toughest to obtain. So, to get to places worth visiting you’re going to need more than just a good plan and attitude. You’re going to need more trailer to get you, family, friends and gear there.

We know a thing or two about off-road trailers and campers. After years of playing around with various makes and models that friends owned, we decided to experiment with building an off-road camper based upon cargo and flat bed trailers. We stumbled upon the Military light tactical M1101 and M1102 trailer and fell in love with it.

The rigorous standards we wanted in adventure trailers wasn’t available anywhere on the planet, so we built it.

The HMMWV Trailer had most of the features were needed in the trailer and were over-build. We’ve had years of testing with them, but the military has over 20 years of testing and fielding these trailers in combat around the world.

All M11 Trailers are custom-built to meet the needs of any type of outdoor, off-road, adventure, expedition or recreational use. They are designed for the toughest tasks, the roughest roads, and the furthest expedition on the globe. After years of testing multiple prototypes, we finally opened our factory to the public. Now you can own the toughest trailer on the planet built specifically to your needs! Shop here.

The M11 Trailers are built in the same factory that is know world-wide for their exceptional craftsmanship, Access MFG. Since 1949, Governments (Federal, State, Local), military, large corporations, small businesses and tradesmen have relied on Tradesman Truck Tops. You too can rely on and now enjoy the benefits from years of research and development, quality improvement, and exceptional craftsmanship.