Hub removal & bearing seal maintenance

Whether you have extremely hot and over-heated hubs or want to perform routine maintenance here are the steps for M1101/2 hub removal and bearing seal maintenance.

Before you begin, lift the trailer or at least the tire so it spins freely. Use a strong flathead screwdriver or chisel and rubber mallet to point it into the gap between the grease cap and hub. Work your way around and increase the size of your instruments as the gap gets bigger. If you want to make it easier, grab a drill and put a few holes in the grease cap to give yourself access to leverage.

Recommended material, parts and tools

  • Rags
  • Dry Cleaning Solvent
  • Wire Brush
  • Lubricant
  • Sealant
  • Cotter Pin
  • Grease Seal


  1. Remove grease cap (1).
  2. Remove cotter pin (2) and discard.
  3. Remove spindle nut (3) and washer (4).
  4. Remove hub/drum (5) with bearings and grease seal installed.


  1. Remove grease seal (10) from hub/drum (5). Discard grease seal.
  2. Remove inner bearing (9) and inner race (8) from hub/drum (5). Discard bearing (9) and race (8).
  3. Remove outer bearing (6) and outer race (7) from hub/drum (6). Discard bearing (6) and race (7).

Cleaning and Inspection

Dry cleaning solvent, P-D-680, is toxic and flammable. Always wear goggles and gloves and use solvent only in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothes, and DO NOT breathe vapors. DO NOT use near open flame or excessive heat. The solvent’s flash point is 100 °F to 138 °F (38 °C to 59 °C). If you become dizzy while using cleaning solvent, immediately get fresh air and medical help. If solvent contacts eyes, immediately wash your eyes and get medical aid.

  1. Clean all removed components with dry cleaning solvent and allow to dry.
  2. Inspect components (11, 13) for wear, cracks, breaks, corrosion, or other damage. Replace if damaged.
  3. Remove any corrosion with a wire brush.


Assembly & Installation

  1. Install outer bearing race (7) and apply a thin film of lubricant to surface of out- er bearing race (7).
  2. Install inner bearing race (8) and apply a thin film of lubricant to surface of in- ner bearing race (8).
  3. Pack two bearings (6 and 9) with lubri- cant by pressing fresh bearing grease into bearing roller area.
  4. Install inner bearing (9) in hub/drum (5)
  5. Apply a thin film of lubricant to the out- er edge of grease seal (10) and install grease seal (10) in hub/drum (5). Wipe excessive lubricant from outer surface of seal (10).


  1. Install hub/drum (5), with inner bear- ing and seal, on axle (14).
  2. Install outer bearing (6), washer (4), and spindle nut (3).
  3. Make sure that the spindle nut (3) turns freely on the spindle (14) and the brakes are not dragging
  4. While turning the hub/drum slowly, tighten the spindle nut (3) to seat bear- ings.
  5. Back off the spindle nut as required to align the cotter pin hole.
  6. Install a cotter pin (2) and bend ends to secure the spindle nut (3).
  7. Apply sealant to surface of grease cap (1).
  8. Install grease cap (1) on hub/drum (5).

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