Expedition Supply, a premium supplier of expedition gear, trucks, and trailers, works with Access mfg. to produce the toughest adventure trailers on the planet.

Access Mfg., Inc. (based in Winters, CA) is an American Legend. They have been fabricating the highest quality Tradesman Truck Tops, Wedge, Cab over and custom made special projects since 1949. Every sector of the United States has benefited from Access Manufacturing’s’ experience and expertise; Federal, State and Local Governments, law enforcement, firefighters, journeymen, and even average Joe’s.

“This partnership is the perfect match to deliver exceptional tops and the worlds toughest adventure trailers to expedition-minded explorers worldwide from American exceptionalism, craftsmanship and reliability “

Tradesman Truck Tops has invented and custom-engineered expedition-ready trailers and tops based upon the Military Light Tactical Trailer platform; M1101 and M1102. Their exceptional craftsmanship, talent, and reliability has won numerous awards and weathered the test of time. Whether you already own an M1101/M1102 trailer and simply need a top, want to purchase a complete adventure trailer, or desire a custom expedition solution for your needs XSupply can deliver. The Military Light Tactical Trailer is the best platform

A partnership with Tradesman Truck Tops will allow XSupply to distribute the M11 custom adventure trailers around the globe. The Military Light Tactical Trailer (m1101 & m1102) is a battle-proven trailer built for and currently in use by the US Military. Unlike it’s predecessors it’s a light (1460 lbs), easy-to-tow, all-aluminum (won’t rust), and heavy duty trailer that can support 4000 lbs on a single axle. There is no better strong, light and versatile trailer anywhere. Sitting on top of the world’s toughest trailer is an American-built Tradesman Truck Top designed to carry you and your gear. Go nearly anywhere your truck can go.

The military trailers are tough enough for the world’s warriors. We modify them to be tough and comfortable enough for the world’s wanderers.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Expedition Supply was launched in response to demand from the outdoor advenuturer, off-road camper, do-it-yourself traveler, world wanderer, backcountry explorer and global expeditionists who want to spend more time wandering around and not worrying about their gear.

The partnership between Expedition Supply and Access MFG can be summarized best by Henry Ford:

You can’t built a reputation on what you are going to do.

Explorers know they can rely on their gear from XSupply based upon a proven history of reliability in delivering expedition-ready trailers and tops from Tradesman Truck Tops. Whether it’s the backcountry or a backwards country, you can trust use to deliver expedition-ready gear so you can go further and stay longer.