LAUNCHING: Custom M1101/2 Adventure Trailer Builder

Expedition Supply is launching the first Military Trailer Custom Builder or Configurator. Soon you’ll be able to design, build and price your custom creation in minutes not weeks. Our newsletter subscribers will receive first access so join today!

Every trailer we build is a custom creation. We don’t build until we have a dream from a customer. Since everything is custom it can take time for someone to design and price things. It takes days to weeks to go back and forth with customers about details. With our custom trailer configurator you’ll be able to choose all the options (inside and out), the type of trailer, custom top features, toolboxes, windows, power, solar, water, cooking, heating, shower, and much more.

To access the Custom M1101 & M1102 adventure trailer configurator you’ll need an account. Head over now and create your free account we’ll send you a direct link upon launch.