Amtech Helmet Hardtop® M1101/2 HHT

Another option to top off your M1101 or M1102 Light Tactical Trailer is the Helmet Hard Top® (HTT) from AMTECH. It’s a US Military approved and used solution that provides a great addition to your trailer. If you have experience with one, recommendations, or corrections please leave a comment below. From AMTECH’s Website: “Why not convert your flimsy canvas and bow system into a robust life time solution? The Light Tactical Trailer LTT / HTT is a factory approved composite cover that was designed in concert with Silver Eagle Manufacturing a “World Class” manufacture responsible for building many of the M-1101 and M-1102 Light Tactical Trailer in use today. When installed with an HHT the LTT becomes a formidable mobile storage container or (when loaded) becomes immediately available for rapid deployment. The lockable security, roof snow load capability, and remarkable environmental protection coupled with its low cost makes this inexpensive option and an excellent Return on Investment.”

Expedition Supply Assessment

The cargo hard top cover is reinforced on the top and can support a load of up to 500 lbs. A roof or safari rack can be placed on top if you can find them. There are three models of roof racks that fit the standard mounts (101300, 100954, 101259). If you can’t find a Roof Storage Rack, you’ll have to do some custom fabrication and fiberglass modification which means putting holes in the roof, something we don’t recommend. The top also has 4 “D” rings mounts for an antenna that gives it a nice ground plane for radio equipment such as Amateur Radio (HAM). The rear includes double barn doors with T-handle latches and placement for a padlock. Only one version of the top was made, but it comes in two colors; camo and desert. Because it’s fiberglass, it’s easy to paint with a smooth surface. At the same time, it’s easier to damage and repair than a solid metal top. The inside clearance is 66″ enough for average people to stand up and move around in. The top weighs in at 370 lbs (527 lbs crated) so be ready with a hoist or four many team to lift it into place. Click on images below to enlarge.

Helmet Hard Top Gallery


The AMTECH HTT was designed to fit on the back of a Military HMMWV 998 or 1152. Because the M1101/M1102 trailer is the same size as the back of the HMWWV from the front seats to the rear it fits seemly on the trailers. If you use it as a trailer top you’ll have to custom build a piece of metal or fiberglass to fill the large gap at the front of the trailer (see images). If you decide to go with the AMTECH HTT be sure to get everything you need to properly mount it such as the weather proofing seal (D-HMV127) that goes in-between the trailer frame and top and the fastener packs (D-HMV121).

Pricing & Availability

The HTT is still in production and used across a variety of applications inside and outside the military. You can still find them across the US in both new and used condition or directly from Amtech. Expect to pay $5000+-Contact Amtech for a brand new Helmet Hop and $3000+ for a used HTT one. Additional documentation, details and part numbers for the HTT can be found here.

Helmet Hard Top Specifications


• Standard fiberglass shelter • RFI and EMI shielding available • Hard points available • Cost effective upgrade from canvas • Secure storage – Lockable compartments – Lockable back door • Additional head room compared to canvas tops • Desert Sand or OD Green • CARC and Woodland CAMO finish is available as option

M1101 / M1102 Specs.

Top Dimensions • Length: 92 inches • Width: 87 inches • Height: 49 inches • Weight: 370 lbs. • Inside clearance over Cargo Bed: 66 inches • 500 lb capacity on ribbed & reinforced roof • Amtech Cage Code is 0C8U3 • Antennas are not provided • Hardtop is reinforced for antenna mounts

Product – OD Green

  • 1751 – Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; OD green
  • 1751-C – Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; OD green CARC
  • 1751-CC – Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; OD green CARC & Woodland CAMO

Product – OD Sand

  • 1752 – Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; Desert Sand
  • 1752-C – Cargo bed cover with rear barn-door set; Desert Sand CARC