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Purpose, problems and alternatives to Military CARC paint

In an earlier post we discussed Military CARC paints, but we didn’t explain why Expedition Supply does not sell or offer CARC paint on our vehicles or trailers. We do sell CARC color replacement paint that is a perfect replica of the military colors dating back to WWII. We sell them in both a touch-up […]

Reading trailer data plates & identification stickers

Every light tactical trailer LTT should have two metal plates affixed to the unit, a shipping data plate and identifications sticker, that gives you critical details about your trailer. Both are located on the front of the trailers, attached by rivets. Here is what you need to know to understand the M1101 data plates and […]

Military CARC paint colors and options

There is a long history when it comes to military paint chemicals and colors. The Federal and Military standard is CARC, which stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, better known as the camouflage paint used on United States Army and Marine Corps tactical vehicles, equipment, trailers,¬†aircraft, or helicopters. Here’s what you need to know and […]

Loading and unloading military trailers

Before you transport your military trailer, such as the M1101 or M1102, you’ll have to decide how you’ll load your light tactical trailer. It’s not as easy as backing it up into the driveway, depending on the method and company you decide to use. Here are some useful options and tips we’ve learned.

The difference between the M1101 and M1102

So you’ve seen all the military trailers appearing on the streets and in public. You might think there is only one Military Tactical Trailer pulled behind the HMMWV, but there are two trailer that look the same, but have one unique difference between them.